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Starke Partnerschaften von FUNKINFORM

FUNKINFORM has been working together with leading global technology providers for many years. Thanks to these collaborations, the DIALOG publishing system not only complies with all the latest standards but also keeps DIALOG users up-to-date with all major technological developments. These are some of FUNKINFORM and DIALOG’s most important partners:

Bild Microsoft

For many years, FUNKINFORM has been a Gold-Certified Partner in the Microsoft Partner Network. Microsoft is the world’s biggest software developer.

Bild PrimeNetwork

Major providers within the printing industry have formed the Prime Network, which works towards international standards and interfaces.

Bild Fujitsu

FUNKINFORM partner Fujitsu Technology Solutions is Europe’s leading provider of IT infrastructures.

Bild SAP

FUNKINFORM provides a SAP-certified interface.


WAN IFRA is the leading global association of newspapers and publishers, and holds an annual trade fair for the media sector. The 2012 fair, which FUNKINFORM will be part of, will be held in October in Frankfurt/Germany.


DIALOG’s spell-checking functions are based on FUNKINFORM’s long-standing collaboration with Duden.


FUNKINFORM has implemented an integration of the Adobe Creative Suite in DIALOG, which means that Adobe InDesign can be used as the layout application instead of the built-in DIALOG Editor.


Maquimpres is FUNKINFORM’s sales partner for the Spanish market.


The SEP is the European pioneer in the field of network-wide and cross-platform data availability systems.